Buy your trophy stag at Le Bois Clairet!

Cervus Europe - Trofeeherten

At Le Bois Clairet, you can buy trophy stags. In Journet, France, we have animals that will impress you with their bodies and antlers. Discover them soon!

Trophy deer from our own breeding farm

We have several sources from which we can offer trophy stags to hunting parks or interested private individuals. However, most of these are our own breeding stock. Since the company was founded in 1989, we have invested in bloodlines known for their antlers:

  • The Jelen line (Yugoslavia) of former Marshal Tito, whose stallion Yugo I (the largest son Meister, himself a canker, ever produced) contributed significantly to the expansion of a large stag herd. Yugo I himself had very long antlers with twenty pens ;
  • The Schulte-Wrede line in East Germany;
  • White deer in the Royal Park of Jaegersborg Dyrehavn in Copenhagen, Denmark: this deer was only used briefly;
  • Woburn Park in England: this was a relatively small stag, with 34 stags. He made only a limited contribution to the genetics of our deer herd;
  • Two Hungarian stag fathers;
  • A Romanian (Carpathian) stag that arrived at the farm as a three-year-old in 2017. His sawn antlers at the age of three weighed 10.5 kg: a rare achievement;
  • At the end of 2017, we acquired 18 covered hinds from the Franz Weber hunting park (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany): this is a hunting park distinguished by particularly heavy antlers with many branches, but rather short in Europe.

Buy the stag of your dreams

Our customers, whether they are operators of hunting parks within a cadastral area or people wishing to own a stag with famous antlers, can obtain from us, in broad terms, what they could obtain from a hunter as a customer:

  • Young or old animals, i.e. deer with immature or mature antlers;
  • Animals with very heavy, long, even antlers, or deer with many or very many bucks, or cheaper animals that aren't so deformed.

There is still a direct link between the beauty and heaviness of the antlers and the sale price of the stag.

Any questions? Want to buy a stag? Contact us!

Do you have any questions about our trophy stags or would you like to buy one yourself? Don't hesitate to let us know. The contact page will enable you to get in touch with us quickly and efficiently.

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