Exclusive distribution of Dan-Inject equipment in France and Benelux

It's not always easy to sedate animals from a distance. That's why you always need to be able to rely on state-of-the-art equipment that never fails. Dan-Inject is the Danish manufacturer of high-quality equipment for remote injection of animals. You can contact us for official distribution of this remote injection equipment at Lapscheure.

We only use and sell top quality materials

Although there are other manufacturers of tele-injection instruments, everyone in the sector is convinced that Dan-Injection's equipment is simply much better. This manufacturer is a perfectionist who is only satisfied with the best. So quality is the order of the day. As our sales manager is a vet himself and often deals with deer, stunning deer for customers and himself is almost a daily activity. Over the years, these shared skills have resulted in a fruitful partnership.

Since then, Cervus Europe has become the exclusive distributor of Dan-Inject products for the Benelux countries and France. We also distribute them in Spain. Discover the product range below.

Blowpipes and pistols

  • Blowpipes: one of 1m25 (Röken type, code BLOW 1.25) and another of 1m80 (Zoo type, code BLOW 1.80). The shorter is easier to handle, while the longer is more accurate at longer distances. The blowguns are effective up to a distance of 10 metres after training. One of the great advantages of blowguns is that the lightweight darts cause minimal trauma. So even birds or rodents, skunks, small felines, etc. can be anaesthetised with them.
  • Pistol (code PICO2): a robust instrument consisting of an 11 or 13 mm brass barrel and a technically inexpensive gas pressure release mechanism. The gun is not fitted with a sight and can therefore only be used effectively up to 15 metres. It is used on animals that can be approached up to this distance.

Dart rifles

Dan-Inject dart rifles can be divided into several categories:

  • Type IM: rifle with wooden stock: this is the top of the range in terms of appearance. This rifle shoots as accurately as the JM.Sp (see below), but is more beautifully finished with its walnut stock.
  • Type JM: dart rifle with green aluminium stock. There is a basic version (JM.St) with a smooth barrel, and a more accurate version (JM.Sp) with lines on the front of the barrel.
  • Model JM.Sp dart rifle with short barrel (precision shooting up to 20 m) and extended front barrel (rifled) for precision shooting up to 50-60 m. The different JM models differ in barrel length and whether or not the barrel is rifled. The barrel lenghth and rifling increase accuracy at longer distances.
  • A JM.St dart rifle is also available, with a working pressure of 25 bar. It can be used to shoot arrows at more distant targets (up to 75 m).
  • In addition, a double barrel was designed and put into production. This allows an 11mm barrel and a 13mm barrel to be fitted to the same rifle.

Other items in the range

  • The Dan-Inject jabstick or injection stick: an instrument containing a 10 ml nylon syringe at the front. It can be used to inject animals up to 2 metres away.
  • Syringes and needles: specific syringes and needles are manufactured for Dan-Inject blowguns. They have also been developed for pistols and rifles. Here again, their quality far exceeds anything available on the market.
  • In addition to the range of remote injection equipment, DanInject also produces or distributes useful items in the same field of work: the transport tarpaulin (code: RUG), which enables anaesthetised animals to be moved in complete safety.

Instructions for using DanInject syringes

Hold the syringe vertically, with the tassel (stabiliser) pointing upwards. Remove this tassel and check whether the red plunger moves freely in the syringe's compressed air chamber. If the red plunger is pressed against the entrance to the syringe's air chamber, the syringe is still under pressure. You can relieve this pressure by using the DVP blunt needle to move the red plunger away from the inlet through the back air inlet of the syringe.

Hold the syringe in the same vertical position to open the chamber for the drug in the syringe. Push the black plunger of the syringe backwards by inserting air into the Dan-Inject syringe with a disposable syringe using the COU cennector. Never perform this operation with the blunt DVP needle: this could damage the black plunger. If the black plunger does not move easily under the effect of air pressure, insert a drop of silicone oil (code: 'OIL') along the same side into the drug chamber of the syringe. Please note that normal household oil ("sewing machine oil") is not compatible with the rubber of the black plunger.

Then turn the syringe over 180° and hold it vertically again, but with the side with the red band facing downwards. Using a syringe fitted with a fine needle, insert the medication into the corresponding side of the Dan-Inject syringe (drug chamber). The drug chamber must always be completely filled with liquid so as not to alter the ballistic behaviour of the syringe. To this end, if necessary, top up the medication with (ideally) saline 0,9% or water.

Never apply liquid to the air chamber of the syringe, i.e. along the red band around the syringe.

Apply the needle firmly to the syringe. To do this, use needle-nose pliers on the first thickening of the needle. Next, slide an appropriately sized silicone gasket over the side openings of the needle: a green gasket if a 1.5 mm needle has been inserted, a red gasket on a 2 mm or 2.2 mm needle. A PRO3R protective cover is then placed over the needle so that the needle is separated from you, the user, for your safety. This shield must be fitted before the syringe is pressurised, and also whenever a syringe loaded with medication is transported or moved under pressure.

Pressurise the syringe by holding it vertically, needle upwards. Using a syringe fitted with the COU adapter, introduce pressurised air into the pressure chamber of the Dan-Inject syringe. The red plunger is thus pressed against the inlet from the inside by the air pressure, preventing the air from escaping from this pressure chamber. If the red piston continues to move freely in the air chamber (i.e. it is not pressed against the syringe's air inlet by the air pressure introduced), pressurisation must be repeated.

The amount of air to be introduced into the air chamber of DanInject syringes depends on the size of the syringe:

  • S150: 10-12 ml compressed air
  • S300: 12-14 ml of compressed air
  • S500: 15 ml of compressed air
  • S10 : 20 ml compressed air

Replace the brush on the syringe.

Your syringe is now ready to use.

The life of Dan-Inject syringes is extended by rinsing them with clean water after each use and storing them empty. Do not store syringes in which there is medication or water in the medication chamber: this may cause the nylon wall of the syringe to swell, which could lead to the arrow jamming in the body during subsequent use. The syringe would then be unsuitable for further use.

For more technical information, visit https://dan-inject.com/.

Any questions about our product range?

Do you have any questions about our range of Dan-Inject equipment? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help.

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